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The Aura Goddess

Good luck Wax Satchet

Good luck Wax Satchet

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Good luck wax satchet with jasmine fragrance

Wax Satchet hang on a hanger in your closet , place on a drawer or display in a decorative bowl to soak in beautiful fragrance. 
Weight : 85-90 gm

  1. Cardamom: It attracts positive thoughts and wealth.
  2. Star Anise : Star Anise is believed to ward off the ‘ Evil Eye’ and bring good luck. 
  3. Cinnamon : It attracts prosperity and wards away negative vibes. 
  4. Black Pepper : To keep your saturn planet strong and gets your karma awarded faster and bad karmas towards you blocked. 
  5. Cloves: The flow of money will start and there will be prosperity in the things you do.

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